Thornton Auto Centre has moved

You can now find Thornton Auto Centre at Brimelows Garage in Poulton-le-Fylde, at Find us at 52 Hardhorn Road, Poulton, Lancashire, FY67SR.

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But I love Thornton Auto Centre, what happened?

Don't worry, we're still around. We're even still Thornton Auto Centre Ltd. At the end of 2011 our old landlord from Thornton decided he was going to sell the property. Faced with the prospect of a new lease, a different landlord and all sorts of change we decided to up sticks.

We spent a year trading solely from the internet before our new home at Brimelows Garage became available. Together with Mike Brown Car Sales we re-opened the car sales on the front as

We felt a new name would better suit our new location (we're not in Thornton any more) and help differentiate us from the other businesses on site.

Can I still expect the same level of customer service?

Our previous customers are always welcome back and nothing makes us happier than to help you trade up from one of our cars to another!

You can still reach us on 01253 855587, the number we've had for years. All our cars will now be located at